Bedside Cabinet / Lamp Table – The Secret Agent



Concealment Furniture builds hidden compartment furniture specifically designed to hide valuables anywhere in the home, such as the bedroom, living room, bathroom or hallway.

Valuable items such as money, jewellery, precious metals, coin collections, IT equipment, camera equipment, medicines, photographs, passports or other important documents can all be hidden in plain sight, within the furniture.

The Secret Agent cabinet can be made to any dimension you require, Based on traditional designs, the clean lines compliment nearly any style of décor, from traditional to contemporary.

This Bedside table is made in solid oak and is 500L x 400D x 630H

The Secret Agent can be used as a bedside cabinet in the bedroom or as a lamp table in the living area. These cabinets can be made with the secret compartments either on the right side or the left side – ideal for one unit each side of the bed.

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