Choosing the right TV or Media unit for your house

Posted on May 17 2018

Choosing furniture for your home can often be a tricky task, and one of the pieces that can cause the most debate is a media, or TV unit. From rectangular ones and corner ones, to solid units and flat pack ones, there’s a whole world of options. But whatever you choose, making sure it’s the right piece of furniture is key if you want your lounge to look good and be relaxing. 

At The Really Good Oak Shop, we’ve put together our top five things to consider when buying a media unit:

1.    Consider TV and sound bar size
It’s no good having a small TV unit if you’ve got a 60 inch television. When choosing your unit, make sure you take your television size into account, along with the storage of any other TV equipment such as satellite boxes, sound bars and games. Doing this will ensure your media unit can hold the weight of everything and that it looks like the perfect fit.

2.    Complement house style
Before you buy your media unit, consider the décor and style of the room it’ll go in. There’s no point in picking a high gloss white unit if the rest of the furniture in the room is high gloss black. Pick something that is neutral, or that blends into the house style you have already chosen, such as an oak or pine piece of furniture.

3.    Assess room size
It’s always worth picking a media unit that complements the size of your room, rather than one that looks lost or imposing. What’s more, planning where it will go before you buy it is key in making sure it’s the right piece - whether it’s a corner unit or something more rectangular.

4.    Amount of equipment 
Do you have an array of computer games, a DVD player, a satellite box and a whole host of DVDs? If so, choosing a media unit that will hold all of your items is essential if you want your lounge to remain tidy. 

5.    Longevity
If you’re investing in a piece of furniture, you’ll want it to stand the test of time. Picking a unit that’s made from solid wood rather than flat pack melamine is sure to mean it’ll last longer than just a couple of years, giving you far more bang for your buck. 

At The Really Good Oak Shop, all of our goods are handmade and can be made to any size you like. Our furniture is all solid built and ready to go, meaning you don't have the stress of assembling furniture and that it lasts. We don't use MDF or wooden veneers, so you can rest assured that what you're buying is the real deal.
If you're looking for a media unit, or want something special made, you can call us on 07446 522181, or email

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