5 reasons to order made-to-measure oak furniture

Posted on August 13 2017

Made to measure oak furniture

Furnishing your home can be tricky when things just don’t fit as you’d hoped. Here we list five reasons why made-to-measure furniture offers the perfect solution:

  1. The perfect fit

Just a couple of centimetres can make the difference between a piece of furniture being absolutely perfect or surplus to requirements. Made-to-measure pieces are crafted to your specifications, meaning they’ll be tailor-made for your home!

  1. Your furniture, your style

If you’ve worked hard to make your home look and feel a certain way, it’s important that new furniture is in keeping with that style. Made-to-measure furniture can be customised to suit your preferences, so your new piece will fit perfectly.

  1. Storage options

Bespoke furniture can be designed and built to suit your storage needs. So whether you need plenty of drawer place, spacious shelving or cabinet-style doors, your storage specifications can easily be brought to life! 

  1. Avoid returns

There’s nothing more disappointing than discovering a piece of furniture is too big or small to use as planned, especially when you have to dismantle it and send it back. Ordering made-to-measure guarantees you won’t have to make a hasty return!

  1. Something unique

When you commission a piece of made-to-measure furniture you get something individually crafted and completely unique to your home, something few can claim in the days of mass-produced furnishings.  

Whether you're looking for a custom made media unit, bespoke chest of drawers or tailor-made sideboard, the skilled craftsmen at The Really Good Oak Shop can create unique furniture to your specification. 

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