Easter sale great offers

Posted on April 15 2019

The Easter sale is in full swing with some great offers. 

  • 15% off most tv and hifi units
  • 15% off bookcases
  • 10% off guarantee at least on all bespoke quotes
  • 12% off total price if 2 or more items bought, just add "spring sale" at checkout.

If you need a slightly different size on any of our furniture contact us for a great quote.

Some recent feedback:

Dear Wayne, 
Please find attached some photos of the beautiful furniture you made for us, it is superb in every respect. 
Style, colour, craftsmanship, absolutely excellent. 
Thank goodness we did not buy anything from the proprietary stores, it came close once or twice, but luckily my son found you on line. 
We have more ideas for our living room and now that we know how skilfully you can turn a drawing into a living breathing finished item, we will not hesitate to return. 
Please feel free to use the photos or any of my comments as you wish. 
All the best 

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